What does your Roots have to do with your Spiritual Growth?

Everything!  The life of a plant and our spiritual life have much in common -- they need strong and deep roots to survive, grow and produce good fruits, especially during times of storms and droughts.  Roots are to a plant what our Relationship with God, Obedience to His Word, Opportunities for Ministry, the Truth that set us free, and the joy of Salvation is to the Christian -- anchor, nourishment and growth.

Our experience with these five elements (relationship, obedience, opportunity, truth and salvation) of the Christian lifestyle ultimately determine if we truly live the abundant life Jesus made available to all of us -- a life filled with peace, hope, joy and love.  We can experience an abundant life in the midst of the financial, relational and health storms and droughts of our lives, but we need roots to experience that kind of life. That which is not growing is dying!  

Plant your roots by the metaphorical "rivers of water" described in Psalms 1 - representing the Word of God and experience life as God purposed.  You must plant yourself in the Word of God and not make it a pastime or hobby; but make it your life.

This community's goal is to encourage and inspire our members and readers.  Here is an opportunity for ministry, please share your thoughts on your roots -- your relationship with God, obedience to His Word, opportunities for ministry, the truth that set us free, and the joy of your Salvation.